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Timeless design has a long living

Minimalism is not only an aesthetic concept, but for us it means first and foremost that the materials and manufacturing processes used are reduced to the essentials. A timeless design has a long life. That is why it also follows a sustainable approach.

When we work on a new product idea, we try to find gaps that can improve our daily lives. The most appreciated reaction to new developments is: »Doesn't that already exist?«—because the need is so obvious.

Our regular product development time is about two years. At the beginning there is the idea, which usually already exists formally. The main task is to find the perfect manufacturing method and the suitable manufacturer.

The first thing we check is feasibility at a reasonable price, because we basically only want to offer affordable products. We also try to use already existing components to keep the mechanical effort low.


Result Objects AIRO prototype hand bended Prototyp handgebogen
AIRO prototype, hand bended


After a few handmade prototypes, we start working with a manufacturer to develop the final product with a few more prototypes—until we reach a satisfactory result. In some cases the design changes during this process, but usually for the better. The final product then rests for a while and we usually test it ourselves. Little by little, photos are then taken and good packaging solutions are sought.

All this is a very thoughtful and slow process, because we want to create products that are useful and interesting over a long period of time.

We don't want to design just a fashion accessory or another candlestick, but to offer interesting new products that add value in every way.