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Design Approach


Minimalism is not just an aesthetic concept, but primarily means using materials and manufacturing processes that are reduced to the essentials. Timeless design means durability.



Most of our products are flat packable, expandable and repairable. Due to their modularity, the individual components can be replaced, supplemented or exchanged and are therefore also recyclable.



The majority of our products are produced in Germany in close cooperation with small and medium-sized companies. Another part is made in Poland in cooperation with a long-term partner.



We have a familiar and long-lasting working relationship with our production partners. We maintain our partnerships because product development often takes a long time and goes through various prototype phases. You have to be familiar with the products and their individual requirements.



We pack our products in FSC-certified cartons. Our products are designed in such a way that we waste as little material as possible and avoid unnecessary details or components. We do without synthetic materials, components and bonding. A maximum reduction in the use of materials and that the products remain recyclable is particularly important to us. Our wood comes from sustainable and local forestry.


Our ambition

Our design approach is to manufacture beautiful and durable products that live with people and close a gap.