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Coatracks & Clothes rails

We offer you various coatrack and clothes rail systems with variable lengths for diverse usages: for your hallway, bedroom, nursery or shop. Our products are available in individual lenghts, colors and versions of systems.
HOOK bar
HOOK bar - Result Objects
HOOK bar From $78.00
TRAFIC coatrack
TRAFIC coatrack - Result Objects
TRAFIC coatrack From $265.00
SOLID coatrack White
SOLID coatrack White - Result Objects
SOLID coatrack White From $238.00
SOLID coatrack Black
SOLID coatrack Black - Result Objects
SOLID coatrack Black From $238.00
SOLID hallway White
SOLID hallway White - Result Objects
SOLID hallway White From $254.00
SOLID hallway Black
SOLID hallway black - Result Objects
SOLID hallway Black From $254.00
SPRING coatrack
SPRING coatrack - Result Objects
SPRING coatrack From $132.00
SYNC coatrack (Green Edition)
SYNC coatrack (Green Edition) - Result Objects
SYNC coatrack (Green Edition) From $144.00
SYNC coatrack
SYNC coatrack - Result Objects
SYNC coatrack From $144.00
Result Objects Gift Voucher
Result Objects Gift Voucher - Result Objects
Result Objects Gift Voucher From $27.59

Space-saving solutions for more organisation and storage space

We offer space-saving furniture in various lengths for more organisation and storage space in the hallway, bedroom, dressing room or children's room.

Thanks to the modularity of our clothes rails and wardrobes, you can change the length of the rails and the number of brackets at any time. Additional hooks can be added to any wardrobe as required.

We offer the SOLID coatrack and SOLID hallway coat rack systems in the following lengths: 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm and 180cm.

Minimalism, timeless design and sustainability are the cornerstones of our philosophy.

When developing our coatracks and clothes rails, we placed particular emphasis on ensuring that they can be packed flat, expanded and repaired. Thanks to their modular design, individual components can be easily replaced or added to, which also makes them highly recyclable.

Our products are created in close cooperation with small and medium-sized companies here in Germany and a long-standing partner in Poland. We cultivate these partnerships carefully, as product development often requires a lot of time and various prototype phases. Our producers therefore need to know our products down to the last detail.

To conserve resources, we use FSC-certified cardboard boxes as packaging material for our products. We attach great importance to a minimalist design without unnecessary details or superfluous components—in keeping with the concept of minimalism. We also completely avoid the use of plastics and adhesives in the manufacture of our furniture.

With our commitment to minimalism, timeless design and sustainability, we want to make a contribution to protecting the environment—both during the product's useful life and at the end of its life cycle.